Oh Hey February.

1 in 4 couples now choose a wedding abroad and the hottest locales for destination weddings are now undiscovered, unfamiliar terrains. Beach destinations have always been a popular choice but couples are thinking more creatively about wedding sites these days.

With January and February being the 2 busiest months of the year to book Weddings and Honeymoons we thought we would share our newest partner; the incredible Bisma Eight with you to give you a head start.



Let us introduce Bisma Eight to you. You’ll thank us.

Planning your perfect wedding or honeymoon celebration in Bali? Located a ten minute walk to central Ubud, Bisma Eight are a community deeply woven into the fabric of Bali. Bisma Eight is a boutique hotel experience set within the natural and cultural heart of Ubud. Rooted in the artisan heritage of central Bali, Bisma Eight is something entirely different from what people have to come to think of as hotels in Ubud.

Bisma Eight is perfection personified. From the team to the amenities to the suites, this boutique hotel has been mindfully crafted to encourage an atmosphere of relaxation and immersion.


A chef’s Mise en Place is only as good as the ingredients they have access to – which makes having a fully-stocked herb garden on the roof of Bisma Eight indispensable. The flavors found in Copper Kitchen & Bar begin at the Rooftop Garden.


Influenced by both local and international aesthetics, Bisma Eight spacious suites invoke a sense of place and a feeling of home. Touches like handcrafted Japanese-inspired soaking tubs, a large living area, and nods to Balinese art and architecture make a stay in any of the 38 suites feel indulgent yet effortlessly comfortable.


During the heat of the day, nothing is more liberating —and refreshing— than a dip in The Pool. During the cool Ubud evenings, unwind in The Pool’s heated water. With an infinity ledge delicately balanced over lush central Bali jungle, Bisma Eight encourage you to take the phrase ‘dive right in’ literally.

Shhh. Secrets…

Ask us about; The Silent Escape, The Ubud Adventure, The Foodie Frenzy, The Romantic Dinner when booking…

For bookings, rates and packages and more info check out our site here. If you would like any more information on Bisma Eight or any of our amazing partners please email us at info@weloveweddingsabroad.com we would love to hear from you 🙂