Some questions you might have about booking with We Love Weddings Abroad

Do you charge for the wedding planning service and how does it work?

We offer a free destination wedding planner service. We work alongside the venue and their wedding coordinator to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your big day.

After booking we will call you for an initial consultation within two business days for a phone conversation.

We will liaise with the venues knowledgeable wedding coordinator.

Any requests can be addressed and met in the months leading up to the wedding.

How much experience do your wedding coordinators have?

We only work with the most trusted and desirable wedding venues in the world. Each of our venues are experts within the wedding industry. On average, our wedding coordinators have three to five years in the wedding industry.

Can we book our own wedding services or do we need to book this through WLWA?

Our venues already have their own trusted wedding vendor list that they use. However if you know the area well and would like to bring in your own wedding vendors this is something that can be discussed with the venue.

What is the deposit amount needed to secure a date?

The deposit amount varies from venue to venue.

What are the legal processes involved with getting married abroad?

Getting legally married abroad can be a long-winded and tricky process depending on the country requirements. For non-country residents we recommend doing what most people do – the legal part at home and the dream wedding ceremony and celebration abroad. However, if you wish to carry out the civil ceremony abroad this is something we can assist with.

Can I bring my own wedding planner?

In most cases yes. The venues wedding coordinator and team can work alongside your wedding planner to make your event truly wonderful.

Do any of the venues allow exclusive hire?

Nearly all of our venues are on an exclusive basis, meaning yours is the only wedding taking place that day at the venue. Some venues have churches on the estate or have other venues within the estate or in close proximity, which is worth bearing in mind.

You’ll find the venues where there is not a single other person or member of the public in view will have the highest hire fees, so do consider exactly what level of exclusivity you’re after.

We want to work with you

If you are a venue or vendor and would like to work with us then get in touch here (link to contact form) or email info@weloveweddingsabroad.com for more information.